Everyone dreams of winning a big jackpot. Big winnings are not common in gambling; otherwise, all operators would have gone bankrupt. Nevertheless, everybody has a chance to become a millionaire. As soon as crypto casinos appeared in the market, more and more people intend to try their chances. Let’s take a look at the most incredible crypto winnings that have entered the history of this business.

1) Lucky Monopoly Winner

People who enjoy playing Monopoly Live clearly know that if you have Mayfair or Park Lane – you are more likely to succeed. Once, a lucky player of a Bitcoin casino dramatically increased his bankroll by winning 18.93 Bitcoins, which was the equivalent of $137,000 at that time. Thanks to a massive 1,460x multiplier, he made this huge sum of money by investing modest 13mBTC, which was around $94. Isn’t it impressive?

2) Finnish Player Who Won Big at Multifruit Slot

In 2019, a player from Finland won certainly a huge payout at Multifruit slot. This person made a single spin and won an impressive 161 BTC, which was around €740,000. However, this is only half of the story because, within the next several days, the gambler managed to make another 45 Bitcoins, which was around €210,000. Thus, this person showed how to make a massive payout at the crypto casino and leave.

3) Life-changing Spin at Troll Hunters

Another story to tell is about the girl who won 216 Bitcoins at the legendary slot Troll Hunters. This woman placed a bet and won 160 BTC, which was 1,000% of the profit from her primary bet. However, she was so confident that she didn’t stop and made another 56 Bitcoins during the session. At that time, her winning cost the casino around $4.1 million.

4) Impressive Payout at Live Roulette

There are also some stories about how people win big without any multipliers by following their strategy. One player got around 53 Bitcoins on Live Roulette by taking advantage of high betting limits of the particular casino. At that time, his winning brought him around $340,000. However, it is worthy to notice that he approached such a sum thanks to a clear understanding of his further actions and using a certain tactic to get an advantage.

5) Big Strike at Lightning Roulette

This story happened with a player of another popular crypto game – Lightning Roulette. This game allows players to multiply their wins if the lightning strikes the same number. This is exactly what happened to the player who won 49.22 Bitcoins from a single spin. However, the player continued to place bets and left the table with 87 Bitcoins, which was around $550,000.

All these stories prove one thing: playing at the crypto casinos is no less beneficial than at regular online or land-based institutions. The only thing you need is little luck and the desire to win big. Probably, this is your chance to join the list of winners and become rich!

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